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Club Corner

This is your Club Page. It's the place to find out about what goes on in the club and what's available to members.

Coaching Corner

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Are you frustrated when your bowls don't go where you intended them to? Get switched on! Join club coach John Sayer's weekly coaching sessions or ask him for a one-to-one session. Develop your skills, improve you game and most importantly, enjoy your game more!


"You have to understand that it’s O.K. to have good days and bad days."

"Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect."

100 Club

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There will now be four prizes of £20 every month, and  an additional prize of £50 at Christmas.

Contact Una or John Speakman-Brown to find out which numbers are still available.

Coaching Corner
100 Club



Club competitions are organised by the Competitions Secretary, Kelvin Hillman. Payment for competition entries is usually made at the time of the annual subscription renewal in February each year. Teams are drawn for members and the first round of each competition is drawn in April.

All entrants should ensure that they will be available for the Finals Week-End

Social Corner


Having a drink after roll-ups is a good opportunity to meet and socialise. We include suppers on some of the roll-up evenings with a particular favourite being the fish and chip supper.


Come the winter season and our thoughts turn to coffee mornings and club nights with games-a-plenty or just propping up the bar and chatting.

If you have any good ideas for social events then please let the Committee know.

Social Corner
Club Nights
Card Payment

Club Nights

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Club nights take place on Tuesday evenings. They take the form of a roll-up (starting at 5:00 p.m.) followed by drinks and on occasions, by a supper.

If you would like to play in a roll-up then just let Malcolm know several days in advance.

Dress code is relaxed but no jeans and no beachwear please (especially no mankinis - you know who you are!)

Card Payment System

Credit Card Purchase

A new card payment system is now in place..

We can now rejoin the cashless society and say goodbye to having to carry cash around (well nearly anyway, my local chippie is still cash-only) or running up bar tabs in the club.

Please take advantage of contactless payment and help to reduce the work of our Treasurer Jon who painstakingly compiles monthly accounts which he kindly remits to club members.

Maintenance Corner


Our 'man on the grounds' is John Rampling. John is doing a fantastic job in organising maintenance work in the clubhouse and on the surrounding grounds.

Changes to  the heating and hot water system are complete which means that the heating is working well and hot water is available when it needs to be. The changes should help to reduce our energy costs.

The ladies changing room now has new vanity units and the mens changing room has been cleared and the items to be kept moved to the newly refurbished store room. Everywhere has had a fresh coat of paint.



It's A Knockholt is the Club's monthly newsletter edited by John Sayer. He uses the very latest technology to produce it.

If you have anything that you would like to see in the newsletter then please let John know,

Maintenance Corner
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